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Keyboard Stickers

Transform any Keyboard with Stickers

In case you can’t find the right keyboard, there are ways to get around it. Of course, you can just change the software settings in your computer and try blind-typing. If you tried it, you probably know that it only works to a certain extent: When the special characters  are needed, you are hopelessly lost!

A better option is to use keyboard stickers. You simply put a sticker with certain letters on the keys of your keyboard until you have imitated the layout that you want. This means that you can virtually change from any keyboard configuration to your preferred one.

Keyboard stickers are a good temporary solution, especially if you want to switch from a German Qwertz to an English Qwerty (or the other way around), as not that many keys differ.

Some of the most notable advantages are:

  • The stickers stay a long time in place and don’t cause too much annoyance or hinder when you type.
  • It is a cheap solution: you can find the keyboard stickers for just a few euros on Amazon.
  • It gives you the most flexibility, as it allows you to adapt any keyboard: Azerty, Qwertz, Qzerty or for example keyboards with non-latin letters.
Obviously, it isn’t as convenient as buying the keyboard of your choice, but you can definitely get by with these stickers. And you will find your special characters, guaranteed!

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